CBD Pain Salve and Muscle Rub: Why it Works

An active lifestyle is great, but it can often result in muscle aches and strains. If you sit all day at work and workout in the evening, your muscles can become stiff and tight. Muscle pain sucks, but it doesn’t have to sideline you from maintaining an active life. Balms such as a muscle rub or a CBD pain salve is a great way to manage muscle pain the natural way.

Pain balm comforts and soothes as well as relieves aches and pain. When you rub pain relief balms on the affected area the pressure, the aroma, and the motion all combine for sensory input that helps relieve pain.

Why All Natural Muscle Rub Works

Pain balms rely on a combination of ingredients that all work in harmony to relieve pain and reduce inflammation in sore and tight muscles. While some over the counter pain balms simply use cooling effects to distract from the pain, natural balms use ingredients to actually target the source of the problem.

Though the ingredients of the pain balms have a medicinal impact in alleviating pain, another form of relief comes from the pressure and movement in applying it. Consider the application of the balm as a mini massage.

CBD Infused Topicals

CBD pain salve has become an effective therapy for those who are looking for instant relief from soreness and muscle pain without any of the skin irritants of other products. Studies have shown that CBD is way more effective at pain relief than aspirin and other NSAIDs.

Whether you’re afflicted with achy joints after a strenuous workout or attending to sore muscles after a long run, the perfect cannabinoid-infused salves or balms can offer you relief.

CBD also works harmoniously with other natural ingredients, making it an ideal addition to natural muscle rub products. ThoughtCloud’s CBD balm for pain and inflammation has herbs such as passion flower and comfrey leaf that have been shown to help with swollen joints and muscles.

Furthermore, CBD’s anti-anxiety properties help to tackle muscle aches by relaxing your mind. Using a CBD salve will help you feel better inside and out.

CBD Pain Salve: Just One of the Many Ways CBD Can Help

Pain balms render their effectiveness through their active ingredients and absorb entirely in your skin to provide almost instant relief to joint and muscle inflammation. CBD is an essential part of an effective muscle rub, but you don’t have to use a balm to gain the benefits of the CBD.

Whether you’re trying to take a soak with one of our all natural bath bombs or you want to light up a CBD joint before bed, rest assured that our CBD products will have you feeling relaxed and relieved.

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