Green Garden Gold Review + Our Best Rated CBD Brands

This Green Garden Gold review has been medically reviewed by Gavin Van De Walle, MS, RD and was written by the team at CBDStudy, a CBD research publication.

Green Garden Gold is a CBD company that has a fairly extensive product portfolio. The brand carries oils, topicals, edibles, CBD for pets and value packs. They also carry two CBG products, gummies and a tincture. The products are reasonably priced.

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Green Garden Gold Overview

The Green Garden Gold website has little to no information about CBD. There are no blogs, no resources and no links to any kind of content that can teach someone what CBD is. It talks about CBD as a compound and where it comes from, but offers no information about the benefits of it or how it interacts with our bodies.

Green Garden Gold is sold in various nutrition stores in the Dallas, TX, area, so it is possible that this site is used as more of a placeholder and an informational resource rather than as a lead-generating and sales-converting website. It has been around since 2013, so they probably have a loyal customer base already established.

The lack of information on the website could possibly be the result of an FDA warning letter that Green Garden Gold received in 2016.[1] It appears that back then the brand had numerous unfounded health claims on their website, and they may have removed those from their website and kept it fairly light since then to be safe. Regardless, we really wish there was more general information about CBD on the website. The site is laid out nicely and the products are organized in a way that is not overwhelming or cluttered.

The Good:

  • Reasonable prices
  • Subscribe and save monthly program
  • In the industry since 2013
  • Rewards program to earn discounted product
  • Diverse product line

The Bad:

  • No educational resources for customers
  • Inaccurate labeling
  • Little information about where the hemp is sourced or their growing processes
  • Hardly any background information on the company or why it was created

Who Is Green Garden Gold?

Green Garden Gold was founded by Australian native Justin Barrick in 2013.[1] As we mentioned briefly above, the company is based in Dallas, and has many of their products in local nutritional stores. Barrick’s background is in management, health and fitness.

The company’s website says they use hemp sourced from certified farms in Colorado, but we couldn’t find any information or certification to back up these claims. Additionally, we located a blog post that appears to be written by the company’s founder that says their hemp is from Europe.[2] Other sources also report that the hemp could be potentially sourced from Europe, so the lack of transparency and clarity from the brand is concerning.

We are also very concerned about the THC content of the broad-spectrum oil we had tested. Our third-party results showed a THC content of 21 milligrams. Twenty-one milligrams of THC for any formula, even full-spectrum, is a lot. But to test out at 21 milligrams of THC with a broad-spectrum formula could be disastrous to those who are subject to regular drug screenings. People choose broad-spectrum oil over full-spectrum solely because there is no THC, so this is an absolute deal breaker for anyone looking to avoid that cannabinoid. On their Frequently Asked Questions, they say “Most of our products have 0% THC,” so it is concerning to have such high THC levels in a broad-spectrum product.

Their Approach

Green Garden Gold says they made it their mission in 2013 to provide only the highest quality of hemp oil available. Their goal is to provide top-quality hemp with the best growing processes and best-in-class farmers.

However, there isn’t information to back this up and, like we mentioned above, the conflicting information has us concerned. We don’t have much information about their approach or what they believe is important in a CBD product, other than quality and good ingredients.

There are third-party lab results available for viewing online, but only of the cannabinoid profiles. The company claims to use organic methods and CO2 extraction, but there are no pesticide or solvent reports to verify that.

There are no ingredient lists anywhere on the website that we could find. So far, we are pretty disappointed with Green Garden Gold’s lack of transparency. They have been in business since 2013 and should be setting the standard for the new CBD companies that are coming after them. Customers care and have a right to know about the source of their products and the people that are behind them.

Green Garden Gold: Product Highlights

Green Garden Gold has a diverse product line. Whatever you might need, they probably have. The company offers a rewards program, so a certain number of points gets you either $5, $15 or $25 off. They also have an affiliate program. Green Garden Gold offers a 20 percent commission to affiliates on day one, plus affiliate-only discounts and promotions.

CBD Oils

The company carries three different CBD oil product lines with a few products in each line. There isn’t really much information about the lines, but we can gather what some of them are designed for. The PRIME Advanced Care Line seems to be aimed at the older community.

The MED PAC and Real Terpene product lines are a little harder to figure out. We at CBD Study know that terpenes have been shown to potentially be beneficial, but the company doesn’t list that information anywhere. In our opinion, the oil product pages are not very informative and could have more content. The PRIME Advanced Care line comes with two different oils, one in a 750-milligram bottle and one in a 1,500-milligram bottle. This is a broad-spectrum product line. The 750-milligram bottle goes for $79.99 and the 1,500-milligram bottle goes for $89.99.

These are definitely reasonable prices, but our lab results for their broad-spectrum product make us hesitant to recommend them. The PRIME Advanced Care Line is non-GMO, gluten free and vegan. The ingredients are pretty clean: vegetable glycerin oil, hempseed oil and CBD.

The MED PAC line is formulated with MCT oil derived from coconut oil. This product line comes in bottles of 750 milligrams, 1,500 milligrams, 6,000 milligrams and 10,000 milligrams. The entire line is a full-spectrum extract and they range from roughly $85 to about $150. The ingredient list for these oils is pretty good, aside from natural flavoring.

We highlight the natural flavoring in every review we do because it is a concern for some people. The ingredient “natural flavoring” doesn’t have a standard definition. Many things can be considered natural flavoring, so we don’t know exactly what that means. The MED PAC line is completely vegan, non-GMO and gluten free, so that is beneficial to a large demographic of people looking for vegan and dietary-friendly CBD products. Overall, the oils seem to be decent aside from the mislabeling with THC, which is a pretty big deal.

CBD Capsules and Pills

Green Garden Gold has three capsule products to choose from: a full-spectrum CBD extract, a formula designed for sleep and a joint formula designed to improve inflammation and pain in the joints.

The full-spectrum capsules come in either a 30-count or a 60-count depending on your preference. The 30-count runs for $62.99 and the 60-count runs for $99.99. Each capsule has 30 milligrams of CBD in it. The 30-count has a total of 900 milligrams of CBD and the 60-count has 1,800 milligrams of CBD. According to the product page, the active ingredients are hemp-extracted CBD and MCT coconut oil. There is no immediate information as far as we can tell about whether or not this product is vegan, cruelty free or gluten-free. It isn’t listed in the details portion of the product description, so we can only assume it is not any of those things.

The Night Repair capsules only come in one size, a 30-count bottle. It runs for $89.99 at retail value and if you join the monthly program, you get $27 off your first order and $13.50 off for every order after that. This formula also contains valerian root and passion flower. Valerian root is said to help reduce stress levels as well as calm the body down, so it is a nice addition to the formula.[3]

The final formula to go over is the joint health product. It is called CBD Panidiol. It is unclear why it is called Panidiol, but it is trademarked to the company. There are 15 milligrams of CBD per capsule and 900 total milligrams in the bottle. There is both black pepper extract and Cissus quadrangularis in the formula to add to the already-existing anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, as well as black pepper’s absorption enhancing properties.[4] This product costs $69.

CBD Edibles

Green Garden Gold offers two kinds of CBD edible products: gummies and gum. Both products can be bought for $29.99. The CBD gum has eight pieces per box. It is 80 milligrams total, with 10 milligrams per piece. It comes in one flavor: cool mint. The gummies have 24 gummies per bag and they come in an assortment of four flavors. Each gummy has 15 milligrams, which is a decent amount of CBD. There are 360 total milligrams per bag.

CBD Topicals

Green Garden Gold has a pretty diverse selection of topicals. There are two different infused salves, 150 milligrams and 1,000 milligrams. The brand carries an analgesic gel, a CBD-infused spray, a CBD and lidocaine patch, and a CBD facial serum. The 150-milligram salve is $29.99 for two ounces. The 1,000-milligram salve is also two ounces and goes for $39.99. The salves are a vanilla scent, which is a nice change of pace from most CBD salves. A lot of salves have a minty smell to them and they can be overbearing, so the vanilla scent is definitely a perk.

The Polar X analgesic gel is a cooling CBD gel. We aren’t exactly sure about the difference between the salve and the analgesic gel, but we know that the salve does not have menthol in it from what we could see and the analgesic gel does. Based on the name of the product, we imagine that the Polar X product provides a cooling sensation for added benefit.

The bottle is 150 milligrams total and runs for $29.99. Green Garden Gold also offers this in a spray formula for the same price. It is nice that the spray bottle does not cost more than the gel, because a lot of companies would charge for the convenience of a spray package. Plus, the gel and the spray product from Green Garden Gold are the same size.

CBD Pet Products

Like many other CBD brands, Green Garden Gold offers CBD pet products. There are five products in their pet portfolio: four kinds of CBD dog treats and a CBD oil. The brand has two different formulas for their soft treats: a basic CBD soft treat with a beef flavor and one designed specifically to promote joint health. Both of these formulas have two milligrams of CBD per chew. The basic CBD treats cost $29.99 and the joint formula costs $39.99. The other treats are not soft and they have approximately 70 treats per container, with two milligrams per treat.

Their basic formula runs for $34.99 and the gluten-free formula runs for $39.99. One interesting thing about Green Garden Gold’s pet products is that they only market them for dogs. Most other CBD brands market them to all pets. The CBD oil for dogs comes as a full-spectrum extract and costs $29.99.

Other Products

The brand also carries CBD crystalline, a pet products value pack and a CBD starter kit.

Our Lab Findings

We have already mentioned a few times that our third-party lab results showed 21 milligrams of THC in a broad-spectrum formula. We consider this to be unacceptable because it could be detrimental to someone who is subject to routine drug screenings. The only reason people choose a broad-spectrum formula over a full-spectrum is because there is supposed to be no THC.

In addition, there is almost 10 percent less CBD than advertised. While still in the normal variance range, it is very close to being under the line. Though the product is labeled as having 750 milligrams of CBD, our Green Garden Gold lab results found 678 milligrams. Also, the cannabinoid profile is not very robust. There was no CBN detected and only a small amount (three milligrams) of CBG. The product did pass the pesticide and solvent tests.

Shipping and Returns

Green Garden Gold is not very clear about their shipping specifications. They offer free shipping on brands over $100, but there is no information or promises about how long it will take until your order arrives.

We ordered our product on a Tuesday, hoping to avoid weekday delays. We chose the standard shipping option. Green Garden Gold sent our order out within two days, and it took another five days until our order was actually in our mailbox.

The company offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Our Verdict on Green Garden Gold

Green Garden Gold has some redeeming qualities, such as the price, their monthly subscribe and save program, and the rewards program. But overall, we were not very impressed with the company. The biggest issue is the lab results we received. The 21 milligrams of THC in a broad-spectrum formula is a dealbreaker. We would feel uncomfortable recommending these products knowing there might be THC present in some supposedly THC-free formulas.

Also, there is a lack of information on the website about CBD and what it does for you. We don’t feel Green Garden Gold is utilizing their authority and knowledge in the CBD space, especially since they have been a part of it since 2013. Being ahead of the CBD boom of 2018 and 2019, when the Farm Bill was passed, we expect more content and educational resources that pave the way for others.


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