How to Hide Weed from Your Kids


As parents, we’ve all been there, right?

Hiding weed from our kids is a fine art, to be mastered by only the best marijuana ninjas!

Edibles, Weed, and Storage Containers.

We carry and sell some fantastic edibles, but if you’re a parent you know that hiding weed gummy bears somewhere safe is a chore.

We’ve researched some fantastic storage for your edibles and pot-stash that not only work well but keep kids out! Parent win!


Weed Storage – Best Pot Containers

Locking up your cannabis is key, and you’ll want to have a container that is dark as well. Keeping it in a cooler area like a cupboard or closet is also a great choice. Amazon sells this container, and we’re all for it. With a combination lock, you can feel safe with your stash. Click here.


How to Get Rid of that Weed Smell?

No matter what age they are, they’re curious and get into everything. Nodding yes? Then check out this great find on Amazon – it’s an airtight container that eliminates smell, and keeps everything locked in and fresh. The design is nice too, and unlike most of the storage in your kitchen, this one stands out so you’ll know what it is. Click here.

How do You Keep Weed Fresh?

Want to be stylish and sneaky while being social? Stash your weed in these gorgeous sash bags. Known for their ergonomically correct positioning on your body, they look good, have sneaky side pockets for your pot, and of course, all your other weed accessories too! Perfect for on-the-go-girls who like their cannabis close. Click here.

Keeping your kids safe is also paramount, so making sure you store your weed in creative places can support their safety.

Keep your cannabis locked up!

We found some great and weird places where parents store their weed:

  1. Hidden Wall Safe in your Electrical Outlets! Click here.
  2. Disguised Book Safe that looks like a Dictionary. Click here.
  3. A Safe Kit- perfect for all your weed and accessories. Click here.
  4. Pax makes mobile-linked and locked vaporizers! Click here.
  5. Stash Logix has a soft-canvas style lock-bag. Click here.
  6. Of course, there’s always the bedroom closet on the very top shelf!

Kids Safety and Weed

We definitely think that with a little creativity and help from Amazon, you can safely and responsible store your weed and feel worry-free!

Share in the comments below how you keep weed away from your kids!

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