Vertical celebrates partnerships, staffing, and continued progress

Vertical celebrates partnerships, staffing, and continued progress

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. – A Kansas-city area-based medical marijuana company is pleased to announce several exciting milestones on our path to opening. Vertical was awarded a license for cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensary in Missouri’s Medical Cannabis program and has been spending 2020 executing on plans and partnerships for our launch in 2021.

Vertical’s cultivation and manufacturing facility features over 60,000 square feet and will house state-of-the-art technology that will ensure the highest quality product, and that also provides a significantly smaller negative impact on the environment. Black Dog LED lights were chosen as our lighting partner, their company has spent years of researching and developing a light spectrum specifically tailored to increasing flower yield and plant health as well as increasing THC, terpene, and CBD content. The company’s lights are much more efficient at converting electrical energy into usable light energy compared to HIDs, which only use 25% of their energy for light, with the other 75% going to heat. As a result, our Black Dog LED lights reduce the need for cooling equipment and create huge savings in electricity.

Internally, the Vertical team is pleased to announce two new additions to the staff, including the announcement of Keith May as Assistant Director of Wholesale Sales and Tammy Puyear as Director of Marketing. May’s background includes international work for the Department of Defense and a successful real estate career, as well as a long-time cannabis advocate prior to joining Vertical. Puyear is a contributor to Greenway Magazine, serves as staff for MoCannTrade, and brings experience as a cannabis industry consultant. Puyear is the first woman to join the Vertical team.

“We’re excited that the foundation at the facility is complete and our beams are going up as we speak. Genetics are set to arrive in early October and the strains we’ll grow for Missouri patients. Plans are in place for commencement in December and to be operational by year-end with initial harvest and product ready for distribution in April,” said Brad Loethen, COO.

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